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 "My goal is to dissolve the veil between source and destination,
 so my audience feels the music the way I do and I feel the
 music the way they do".

Jonn Serrie's visionary compositional skills have revolutionized
today's contemporary electronic music. He creates a unique
approach by combining the timeless depths of space with
spiritual musical vision, spanning the universe.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Serrie cultivated a passion for both music and aviation. He began playing the piano and organ at the age of seven with his grandmother as his teacher and mentor. Jonn has fond memories of Grandma's Hands at the keyboard...

  Thelma Serrie is
  presently 92 years
and is still
piano and
  Church Organ.

  This tells you
  something about
  doing what you
  love with your life..

As time went on he was torn between composing music or pursuing a career as a professional pilot. Choosing the former, Serrie began his musical direction in the 1970s, demonstrating synthesizer technology for Electronic Music Laboratories, a Connecticut based manufacturing and research facility. Jonn has since become an FAA licensed pilot, holding advanced Instrument and Commercial ratings and is flying for the U.S. Air Force Auxillary as a search and rescue mission pilot.

  I was honored to
  be one of the three
  pilots from Georgia

  chosen to participate
missions during 
  Deep Water Horizon.

 Captain Jonn Serrie
 Lt. Andy Tate
 Colonel Bryan Starr

 Pilots who flew the
 missions received
 awards recognized
 by the Office of the
 President of the
 United States.


Jonn's latest album Thousand Star released on New World Music, is an epic voyage to the farthest reaches of deep space. The poem and song titles guide the listening experience as a science fiction novel, told with music and sound design elements.

 A constant
 companion during
 the creation of
 Thousand Star was
 the "Revelation
 Space" series by
 Alastair Reynolds.

 Special thanks to
 Alastair for the song
 images and

 Released on
 New World Music

  "And The Stars Go
  With You" was used
  in the opening show
  production of the 
Christa McAuliffe
Planetarium in New
  Hampshire in 1988.

  Christa's parents
  were the Guests of
  Honor that day.

Jonn's recorded works include his celebrated first release, And The Stars Go With You dedicated to Teacher In Space Christa McAuliffe, and a double CD retrospective of his years at the top of the space music universe called Century Seasons. The project highlights two new compositions, "Deep Mystery" and "Andromeda Dream".

On the twin projects, Hidden World and Hidden World Beyond a new release this year on Valley Entertainment, Serrie collaborates with flute virtuoso Gary Stroutsos to create albums that combine the universe of space music with ancient Native American and World music styles.

Other titles include the adventurous Flightpath, world music influenced Tingri, and two compilation albums of music from his various planetarium projects entitled Planetary Chronicles Volume 1 and Volume 2. Also, two sister albums around the theme of epic romance entitled Midsummer Century and Ixlandia, as well as a Native American space music album called Spiritkeepers.

  It took weeks to
  design the Lumia
  Nights logo;

  I drove everyone

  Released on
Hearts Of Space

Lumia Nights, an album of soft romantic jazz and The Stargazer's Journey, a concept album with liner notes written by famed astronomer David Levy encompass the universe of sound and sense. Smooth gentle melodies and graceful space journeys surround you in an atmosphere of romantic elegance and deep space wonders.

  A collection of
  my favorites from
A Midnight

  and Merrily On High.

  Released on

Hearts Of Space

Christmas Prayers, based on his previous Holiday releases and Epiphany; Meditations On Sacred Hymns takes him back to his Church Organ roots. The arrangements are soft and gentle, perfect for contemplative listening.

  October, 2011
  Hearts Of Space


  October, 2011
  The Monroe Institute

Sunday Morning
Peace is an album of meditative music
specifically composed for therapeutic environments and
released on Hearts Of Space

The CD is also available as a special edition release with
Hemi-Sync audio processing by The Monroe Institute.